Swig up some Swagger

Ah, 2014.  A new year full of opportunity, of hope, of ‘this time next year Rodney…’ dreams.  Oh, and who could forget, targets!

As we prepare our teams to face the year ahead we have to ask ourselves a simple question:

Why are we still so inconsistent in being client centric in our approach to selling?


  • Train our people
  • Discuss our approaches
  • Invest in development
  • Mentor our young

…to focus on client needs and wants, but we still can’t do it.

Is it capability, the way we measure our teams, confidence, the clients, or the competition that stops us? Or is it simply, as we believe, we have made the whole process too pressurised and have lost any sense of creativity.

We need to get some swagger back!  Some creative swagger!

When we say swagger, we definitely don’t mean arrogance. Creative swagger, for us, is an inner confidence in the team to truly listen to the client, think creatively about how they can help them, and come back with an honest appraisal on how they can solve their problems.

For us if you are going to do one thing differently this year to get your creative swagger swaggering, think about what you are measuring your teams on. Measure on things that motivate them, get them enjoying their jobs as much as they can, and above all make you stand out from the crowd……….

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