How to make yourself train hard before you …….train hard

Half of us has decided that it would be a good idea to go on holiday, do a bit of cycling in the sun, away from the miserable weather. So a booking was made to attend a training camp in Tenerife, get in some miles and enjoy the scenery, sunshine and relaxation.

Unfortunately this was booked before actually seeing the type of training that would be done. It’s just uphill. Nothing else. Well, a bit of downhill to get back, but mostly uphill. Here’s an example itinerary:

  • Saturday- Arrival – if you arrive early there will be time to do a light spin to check out your bike.
  • Sunday – 3-4 hours medium level ride – today we ride the route used as the training preparation by SKY for the Tour de France – this includes a 13km and 6km climb
  • Monday – 4 hours – option to try out some intervals discussed in the seminar the night before – 2 shorter climbs of 2-3km and a longer climb of 14km
  • Tuesday – 3-4 hours steady ride – a 6km climb where we video climbing and descending, a 6km climb (optional extra 3km) and a 3km to finish.
  • Wednesday – 5-7 hours long ride to Mount Teide – 33km + some short climbs within the old crater – today we ride the longest continuous climb in Europe. There are 2 options today, the first is 2600m of climbing and the second 3100m of climbing.
  • Thursday – 2 1/2 – 3 hours medium level ride, short climbs
  • Friday – 2-3 hours light ride

So here’s a tip – If anyone ever needed motivation to do some training before doing some more training, simple fear seems to do the trick! What do we hope comes out of it? Given the impending pain, sweat and tears, nothing less than a step-change in performance would suffice.

I’m off now for a little cry.

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