What Memories

Having just read an article on the BBC website following the demise of the old VW camper van (http://bbc.in/1mgXDmB)  I have been transported back to my childhood! What memories – although sadly no pictures of our beloved red and white bay camper OYE873L (yes I can still remember the number plate). We were a family of 2 adults and 5 kids who travelled for long summers around Europe, bodies falling out of the sliding door wherever we stopped.

My fondest memories were overtaking another car on the motorway – it was such a rare event, my eldest brother being thrown out somewhere in France and my dad driving off (only to return 20 minutes later!), the roof piled 2 feet high with camping gear, and hiding beneath the seats whenever we entered or left the campsite (as French campsites you have to pay for both your pitch and the number of people that were staying on it!)

But most of all what I remember is how special it made us all feel to own, drive around in and have the camper as part of our family. We all shed a tear when we finally had to let her go.

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