Can I still holiday with teenagers?

Now as a 45 year old man who defines himself through the holidays he takes, the places he visits and the experiences he has around the world I have suddenly hit a very difficult patch. No, it’s not a midlife crisis where I want to be young again and go on an 18-30 style holiday, partying all night and sleeping all day. But what kind of holiday can I go on where both my teenage (15 and 17) boys want to come, or an even tougher question do I want them to come (please see photo!) at all!!

Don’t get me wrong I love my family, we have spent the last 16 years happily travelling around the world together, falling in love with Asia, arguing our way through some of the most magical places on earth, falling out in some fantastic cities and generally having a blast.

P1000715 (1)

We decided to go for it last year and had an awesome (as the Californian’s would say) trip around the West Coast of America  where we got the perfect balance of stuff that they wanted to do and experiences that we all loved. But what now? My 17 year old has a ‘serious’ girlfriend and my 15 year old has a ‘serious’ desire to be anywhere we are not. Do we go for a short break so the time we have together is bearable, do we do something on our own and leave them with their grandmother, do we try and go with friends, do we let them bring friends/girlfriends, do we do nothing and stay at home?

At the end of the day all I want is time away where resentment is not the holiday theme!

Anyone with helpful tips please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Can I still holiday with teenagers?

  1. holiday, sometimes with kids, sometimes with partner and sometimes all alone, spend some time with all that matters to you. divide the time and have the most of it.

  2. I’m not a father yet but I’d like to share thoughts from traveling with my dad place to place right up until I went to college. With him no longer with us, I now cherish every good and bad vacation (and we had our share of bad ones ) so much today. It was what it was, but he left me with lots of memories, which I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve got a box full of Polaroids all because of him.
    Perhaps they can plan future family trips… Change the dynamics.

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