What can large companies learn from small?

I have just had an inspiring couple of weeks.

One of the real privileges of doing what I do is that you get invited in to work with companies of all shapes, sizes, cultures, focus areas, values and needs.

Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to be working with some really dynamic small sized organisations that are not only going places but also have the drive and passion to continue to improve. This has culminated in an intense couple of weeks focusing on driving these new skills into how these companies now are working on a day to day basis.

So sitting on the train home, late on a Friday night, exhausted but energised, I was reflecting on the fact that large organisations could learn a lot from the way small companies adapt to, and implement new ways of working.

So before these thoughts leave me here they are:

  • Ownership – co-create the new ways of working with the team; Guess what? They then own the outcome
  • Speed – it may not be perfect, if may not suit everyone, but if its good enough, get on with it
  • Energy – only do things that you want to put 100% of your energy into
  • Keeping it Real – use language and processes that mean something to your team, cut the corporate language, and say it how it is
  • Together as One – reward, develop and support each other as one team focusing on the positive outcomes.

elephant-mouseSo go on you big boys, start thinking small, I dare you…..

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