Time to write the best business book on the planet?

We’ve been out and about, doing the don’t, talking the walk, swimming with sharks etc etc for a looong time now. We feel it’s about time we gave the world the ‘benefit’ of our summated knowledge, our zenith of insight into our particular area of expertise.

But how do you find the time to craft such a magnificent tome, one that will be held up as a sparkling, beautiful example for years to come, one that will fundamentally change forever the way people interact with their clients, in between the here and now of work, family, friends, emails, apps, gardening [it’s Spring!], sporting passions [even more important now that it’s mankini season] and everything else?

A friend that specialises in cracking backs and has taken 10 years to write his first book gave us a great piece of advice the other day – ‘don’t think about the structure, or the research, or what goes into which chapter, just start writing!!’. That simple statement removed a lot of the barriers for us…we need to meet to discuss the structure, we need to agree what goes where, we need to do tons of research…groan. Leaving us with just the one – time.

Any superb, time-travelling tips out there?

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