Training around the world in 80 workshops

So it’s been a couple of weeks since you last heard from me, when I was sitting on a train late on a Friday contemplating what large companies could learn from small. And guess what, I am travelling again, this time on a flight back from Ireland.

Travelling is a fantastic time to reflect, and what I have been reflecting on in this trip is how much more time it looks like I will be reflecting over the next few months!!

With trips planned to India, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Holland, Thailand, China and potentially Russia booked in the diary this looks like a year when thinking time is a plenty.

To dispel some myths, travelling with work is not glamorous, a chance to see the world, or even a sign that you are somehow a cut above the rest. But the real secret behind working in many countries is the richness of experiences that you gain from the wonderful people and cultures that you have the privilege to engage with.

I love training and consulting overseas, because I am continually learning. And you are nothing if you cannot look at how other cultures engage with their clients and learn from them.

So here are my highlights to what I have learnt

  • From Asia – thank you for showing me that you are never too old to want to learn with passion and energy
  • From Eastern Europe – that without process you are not as good as you could be
  • From Germany – that detail is everything
  • From North America – that being relentlessly positive is infectious
  • From UK – when you question why, creative solutions can be found
  • From Iberia – when you share real life experiences we can all improve
  • From France – when you challenge we can get the best from each other

Even though the world might feel like it is shrinking and becoming more homogeneous we still have a lot to learn from the differences that exist. And long may that continue.

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