Great blog post about our the shrinking audience of people who carer … would you still be able to create/work/write if no-one cared??

Problem Machine


The harder I work, the more I feel the lack of impact that work produces. Pushing a boulder up a hill over and over may be pointless, but at least it’s a solid tactile sensation and at least you know basically where the rock is located. Right now it feels more like trying to blow a ping pong ball up a ramp while wearing a blindfold. Maybe I’m doing great. Maybe it rolled away a week ago. Who knows. Nothing to do but keep on blowing – a philosophy which, I gather, has served many people well in advancing in their career, but which nevertheless leaves a bitter taste.

Hard work is wonderful, but the harder you work on something the more disappointing it is when it fails to achieve the results desired. Work attains its own momentum, and the more weight put behind it the bigger the catastrophe when…

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