5-hour bike ride for DP challenge

Going for a 5-hour bike ride at 7.15am on a Saturday morning in Spring

  1. Get up at 6am
  2. Ablutions
  3. …but no shower
  4. Get dressed
  5. Be smelly
  6. Go downstairs
  7. Put kettle on
  8. Make breakfast
  9. Big breakfast
  10. Eat breakfast
  11. Drink coffee and water
  12. Leave plates in sink
  13. Work out what to do next [happens every week]
  14. Mix energy drinks [two bottles]
  15. Fill water in Camelbak
  16. Get cereal bars
  17. Get energy gels
  18. Check weather
  19. Get kit together
  20. Go online
  21. Plot route on Strava
  22. Send route to device
  23. Device has low battery
  24. Charge device
  25. Check bike
  26. Pump up tyres
  27. Check tools
  28. Put on lights
  29. Check weather again
  30. Get changed
  31. Put on heartrate monitor
  32. Put on bibshorts
  33. Put on jersey
  34. Put on socks
  35. Put on arm warmers
  36. Put on knee warmers
  37. Take off knee warmers
  38. Take off jersey
  39. Put on base layer
  40. Put on jersey 
  41. Go downstairs
  42. Put on shoes
  43. Put on gilet
  44. Put device on handlebars
  45. Put on helmet
  46. Put on gloves
  47. Check weather again
  48. Take off shoes
  49. Go upstairs
  50. Put on knee warmers
  51. Go downstairs
  52. Put on shoes
  53. Drink pint of water
  54. Put cereal bars and gels in pockets
  55. Put pump in pocket
  56. Put phone in pocket
  57. Switch device on
  58. Leave
  59. Lock door
  60. Come back
  61. Take off gilet
  62. Take off arm warmers
  63. Put jacket on
  64. Leave again.  7.42am

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