India and football

1 billion people but ranked 154th in the world

A weird but topical fact I learnt this week is that India, where I have been working, has almost 18% of the world’s population yet is ranked as the 154th best country in the world at football, just ahead of Singapore who are 155th with about 0.01% of the world’s population!!

And that sums India up, a country full of surprises and contradictions.

Why should we care, I hear you ask?

Well another surprising fact that I learnt this week is that by 2020 if you are standing in Chennai airport you will only be a 4 hour flight from 95% of the world’s population!!

So why should we care – because if we do not understand and work with India we are going to be missing out on a massive commercial opportunity.

But boy does it challenge your thinking when working there. I am pretty used to cross culture work, but India stretched every inch of me.

Never have I worked somewhere where the client is seen as so huge  where working within time frames is so loose, where hierarchy and social class is still so central to relationships and where the thirst to learn and improve is so great.  Why ? because it made me feel alive, on my toes, stretched, challenged and re-invigorated.

I would love hear about your experiences, if you have had the privilege of working in India or other Asian cultures

The East is massively meeting the West full on – are you ready to do business?



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