Is there anything more English than Cricket?

Friday was a weird day. 29 degrees,  packed house at Lords sitting with a Frenchman trying to explain the rules of the most complicated and only 5 day sport in the world. 
And guess what? He loved it!!
Those that follow my twitter feed will know that I was over in Munich the week of the world cup semifinal.  As you would expect the conversations turned to national sport.
I said to everyone that we are not bad at cricket. The reply, brilliant and surprising, was that you must have cricket in your mother’s milk to understand it!!
After today, trying to explain who was in and out and who was winning (but not really) to a Frenchman, I fully understand.
So what did he love? Not the sport that’s for sure. It was one of those typical test match days where England were scoring at 3 an over and there was no real drama.
What he loved was the “Englishness.”
The combination of class, history, tradition, old money versus new, attire and symbolism that we all take for granted.
I asked him if France, or his new adopted country of Spain, had anything like it. He said nothing of this grandeur or formality. 
Now that made me smile and walk around the ground the rest of the day with fresh eyes and a smile of my face.

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