Post Holiday Boos

Boy, I love going on holiday

Boy, I hate the week after

I have just returned from a couple of eventful weeks in France when the engine in the camper van we were travelling in blew up and the friends we were meeting split up after being together for over 20 years!! Despite it not being the holiday we had planned (now that is the very definition of understatement) I have found myself back in the UK spending a week pretending not to be working and asking my omnipresent August question – there must be a different way of living your life that does not involve working most of the time and relaxing only part of it. And whenever I raise my feelings to friends, clients and colleagues they all reply in unison – ‘so are we!!’

Before I get your hopes up I disappointingly have not found the answer yet, I am simply using this post to vent my feelings and try and fish for ideas.

I have done some things though which I hope will help me. Most importantly I have spent some time re-assessing and defining what is important to me, so that I can make sure that I spend my time doing it. Specifically I have pledged to myself that I will do at least 4 things a week that are working towards my health – going to the gym/bike ride/playing sport/eating well or not drinking for the day. I have re-balanced my priorities away from earning money in order accumulate things to spending more time enjoying living my life and I have booked lots of weekends over the rest of the year to visit friends and family.


Has this made me feel better, a bit. Will I get back into the rhythm of working again, almost there. Will I go on holiday again, already booked!!

If you have any stories or ideas on how to get over your post holiday blues please let me know

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