Are you stuck?

I. Am. Stuck. Stuckety-stuck-stuck. With a problem [sorry, ‘opportunity’]. With work. Please don’t stop reading now. I’ve heard that 86.7% of people get stuck with a problem [Nooo, opportunity!] they need to figure out at work. Mind you, I’ve also heard that 70% of all statistics are made up. Either way, most people get stuck, OK?

My ‘opportunity’ that I’m struggling with is how best to communicate to clients about a simply fantastic new service that’s being developed. There’s only one shot at this. It needs them to take action and have a look at the service online. It needs to put them in a frame of mind that shouts ‘golly, I need to get in touch with this genius and find out more, and then give them money oh yes’.

A pretty common ‘opportunity’ don’t you think?

I need creative thinking but I can’t afford to go to a creative agency. That’s OK, I have the mind of a 6-year-old anyway, so I can get my Lego out and make something abstract [or ‘crap’, in non-creative circles]. This will help my juices flow.

But the real sticky bit is not the Lego. It’s getting them to imagine the service with them on it – it needs them to participate – and feel the excitement of their consumers who would ultimately use the service. Then they will say ‘golly/crikey/OMG [we’re covering a wide age range], I need to blah blah money blah give to Dave yes blah’.

How do I unstick myself from my childish mind going round and round in circles? I think, quite simply, I need to talk to someone, let them play with my lego, come up with ideas that are utter dross and then bing! That fleeting, wispish word, phrase, topic will come up and I’ll be away.

So what’s the point of this post? Um, Sticklebricks might be better. Or, as the old saying goes, ‘an opportunity shared is an opportunity halved’. Hmm.

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