Is detoxing over rated?

Frank Sinatra once said he felt sorry for sober people as ‘When you wake up that’s the best you’re going to feel all day!!’

Now I am having particularly mixed feelings about this at the moment, for a very good reason – I am in 3 weeks into a month of not drinking, anything. Why ? I hear you all shout. Well for a couple of reasons. Firstly for health reasons, after a long hot summer of, how shall I put it, indulging myself, it was time for my body to repair and get healthy and fit again. Secondly I love a challenge, with a goal, and a sense of achievement when you have completed it.

Being healthy has massive up sides about how you’re feeling about yourself, the energy you have and your capacity to effectively use your brain. It also has some downsides, one of which is you capacity to think too much and over analyse everything!! So with that in mind what have I learned during the 3 weeks so far:

  • Habits are really easy to get into and therefore out of
  • Friday night is a killer
  • You can still have a great night out, until 10:30
  • Sleep is king
  • All or nothing is not the way forward

I have another 3 days to go and then its moderation from now for me, well most of the time, I still can have the odd blow out, can’t I?

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