You CAN change how you think and feel with clients

We’ve always been fascinated with agency/client relationships. Without exception, during our careers working in, and with agencies, we find people have some clients they get on with better than others. Whether that’s because they’ve become friendly with some and just ‘click’, or are scared of others and want to hide whenever they call, there is a spectrum of client relationships that each Account Director has to manage to the best of their ability.

Our role was (and still is) to help develop the skills and behaviours for them that would build great relationships.

Now though, with the advances in applied neuroscience research, we can fundamentally work with our delegates to not only develop skills, but to help them shape their very thought processes to be at their best with clients, all the time. Like taking a Berocca ‘it’s you, on a good day’. Except this time every day is a good day.

This has got us well and truly excited. ‘Imagine’, we thought, ‘if we can help our delegates to build their foundation of confidence, approaching any client and having a truly equal discussion about their business.’  Empowering. ‘…and also, imagine if we can help them understand why they have different relationships with different clients, and to realise that they can actually change their thinking and emotions, in-the-moment, with tough clients and situations.’   Amazing.

And it’s all based in scientific fact.

Where are we at with this thinking now? We’re running a pilot of a brand new neuroscience-based course, from December to February. We’re hoping the delegates will experience a proper epiphany during the course.

We can’t wait. Keep your brainwaves tuned in for the results!

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