It’s the small things that count

“Morning David, how are you on this stormy day?” asked a smiling, genuinely positive receptionist. “Great to see you back here, and I hope day 2 goes really well ”.

Now I spend a lot of time in hotels and training facilities and come across, as you can imagine, a massive variety in customer service. But what I have realised is that only occasionally do you get service that genuinely stands out, makes you smile, makes you feel energised, happy, want to tell everyone you know about it. And this is what I go this week from Wallace Space in London.

I then reflected on what it was about the experience that made it so great. Yes the room was good, the equipment as you would hope, the location easy to get to, the administration nice and easy, the staff welcoming, but you get this is from lots of places. But something about Wallace Space makes it really stand out, and what I concluded was that it is an accumulation of the attention to detail, the small stuff, that add up to a lot!!

Let me try and break the small stuff down and see what we can all learn from them.

  • Living the Brand: What I loved about the team is that everyone, and I mean everyone, from the manager down is clear on what they are about and the service that is to be delivered. I can just tell they recruit people based first and foremost on attitude. A “we genuinely care about you” attitude
  • There is a clear DNA. From the food that they serve to the communication on the walls, they know what they want to be famous for
  • There are genuine surprises: Like fridges with a great selection of free drinks, childhood sweets brought out at coffee breaks, all the toiletries you could ever wish for, available and free of charge
  • They deliver premium: If you charge premium you need to deliver, no compromise
  • The experience is everything: We wanted an extra room for 1 hour which they sourced with no fuss or charge, knowing that we will keep coming back and recommending them, rewarding them for their flexibility
  • It was real: Everything felt in the moment, real and human. At no point did you feel that there was a process, corporate guidelines, rules you were being taken through. Just your time with them being the best if could possibly be.

Now if more services could be like that they would get my custom and loyalty

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