Who says you can’t party on a Tuesday!

There are times in all our working lives when you have to just sit back, smile and think about how lucky you are to do what you do, work with the people you work with and experience what life has to throw at you.

I have just had one of these times on a wet and windy night on the banks of the river in Belgrade.

We were in the middle of a 3 day regional training session and it was announced that we were going out for dinner to a restaurant call Reka in Belgrade. The restaurant was actually in a district called Zemun, which if you are ever lucky enough to go to Belgrade, make sure yon visit. A wonderful cobbled area that that has a timeless charm about it. On the river front is a whole selection of places to eat including Reka. Now when I mentioned this to a couple of the delegates they gave that kind of smile that makes you feel a combination of excitement and trepidation. So I asked them to tell me more about where we were going, they said wait and see but be prepared to dance!!

So I got my dancing shoes on and set off in probably the most interesting cab journey for a while; they have a “see a gap and go for it” mentality to driving, and pulled up at the most innocuous looking place. A small wooden door at the top of a short set of stairs disguised the fabulous warmth and party atmosphere inside.

The evening started off pretty normally for these types of events, people sharing food, stories, cultures, history, family backgrounds. I love these moments, a real chance to meet people proud of where they have come from. Just before dessert the band started up, who I have to say were one of the tightest, bands I have heard for a long time. The place went mad, immediately this professional team I had been working with, jumped up, danced their hearts out, sung at the top of their voices, knowing every word to every song, proudly announcing which was from Bosnia, which from Croatia and which had won the Eurovision song contest!!

So there I was on a Tuesday night, with the biggest of smiles on my face, not wanting to be anywhere else in the world

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