From Resolution to Resolve

I hate the gym in January. Why, because I love the gym all year. For a few crazy weeks hordes of new punters stream into the gym parting with their hard earned cash to sign up for 6 months of fitness and weight loss. To my delight (and I am sure the gyms as well) these resolutions don’t turn into habit or resolve and by February we are back to the civilized numbers of committed members.

Now there is part of me that really does not like what I have just written – the potential smugness of it, even elitism. There is a massive part of me that would love to see more people fit and healthy, enjoying the gym/sport/exercise on a regular basis. The joy, happiness and mental strength it gives me I couldn’t live without.

But there is another side to me, the one that really wants to have a rant about News Years Resolutions. Why have we created this habit of starting the year looking at what we should be giving up, taking out of our lives, stop doing, avoiding. No wonder we find it so hard – who wants to be told to take things out of their lives they enjoy. Why aren’t we talking about what we need to add to our lives to make us happy, I am sure people will have much more resolve if they focused on that.

So I have made 2015 pledges I am resolved to implement to make my life richer and happier

  • I am going to nail Kite Surfing to the point when I am competent on my own in all types of winds
  • I am going to keep eating food that combines my love of taste and keeping me fit and healthy
  • I am going to put all my available energy into getting my kids through their A levels and GCSE’s (one doing each!!)
  • I am going spend more time genuinely focusing on and appreciating all the great friends I have
  • I am going to focus on making my business sustainable instead of chasing growth

Now that feels great writing that down

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