Who is this woman?!!

Sometimes you have to just take a moment to sit back and appreciate life. Appreciate it for no more than the sheer thrill and delight of sharing it with someone special, somewhere special.

I was lucky enough to do exactly that very recently. Now I know what you’re thinking; this is going to be another one of those smug, self-satisfied blogs about how lucky I have been and how great my life is. Well you are correct…ish. But I am also hopefully going to share something of interest to reflect on.

I have been married for 20 years this October (wow writing that feels odd) and we have 2 children, aged 18 and 16, who as you may have read from previous blogs, are both a joy and pain to take on holiday. So when a work trip to Asia came up that had a 5 day window between training courses we jumped on the chance to take our first one week holiday on our own. And reflecting on that, that is an amazing thing. It was the first time in 18 years that we had spent more than 3 days together without our children!!

So off we went with a real mix of emotions; how would the children be, would we miss them, would we have anything to say to each other, would we still like each other, how would we fill our time!! So the plan was to book somewhere lovely as we only had a few days on our own and see what we fancied doing when we got there. So having flown half way across the world to the wonderful Island of Bali and checked into The Oberoi (if you have a chance to stay at one of their hotels take it), looked each other with a ‘what do we do now’ expression.

Well I tell you what we did, absolutely nothing, and we loved it. We sat on the beach, by the pool, went to the bar, read books, played scrabble and backgammon, and most importantly of all lavished in the lack of responsibility.

So I promised you earlier that I will share something of interest, and this is it. Step back, take time to do nothing, apart from remembering why you are with this wonderful person you have the privilege of sharing your life with.

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