Mindfulness is Seriously Punchy!!

I am a very recent convert to mindfulness and seriously have L plates all over the place. I love it when you get it right; being truly in the moment, being totally present and feeling nothing but the moment. But, oh my gosh do I find it hard.

Let me give you a challenge – try shaving or having a shower and doing nothing but thinking about what you are doing, hearing the sounds around you, feeling the sensations, without slipping, even for a moment, into what you have to do today, the stuff you have to do with your kids, the work  that needs to be completed, the haircut that you keep meaning to get done…… It is SO much harder than you think.

But, by accident, I have realised that I have found a time to be truly mindful in my life, and it has made me realise why I have become such an addict.

Six months ago I was training in my gym on a Saturday morning. Doing my normal session where I would spend 60% of the time working hard/focused and the rest of the time drifting about pretending that I was recovering from the previous set. Anyway a young energetic (and bearded I grant you) young man approached me to say that he was running a Boxing Blast session in 15 minutes and did I want to join in. What the hell I thought, anything to get me away from the running machine. So off I went naively thinking this would be a bit of fun. 45 minutes later I walked out of the session with not only my lungs, but also my brain and heart hanging out.

I was weirdly instantly hooked.

So what was it about the session that captivated me and has led me to start having one 2 one sessions every week and completely changing the way I train.

The answer is really simple. The combination of physical excursion and mental focus means that for that time you are boxing nothing else matters in the world. What you feel, hear, sense, see is the small margin between you getting it right and wrong, and boy the consequences of getting it wrong are massive!!

I can’t help you with how you find this space; whether it is meditation, sport, walking the dog, solace, or simply stopping and spending time doing nothing. All that I can tell you is that I am SO grateful I found mine

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