Its not them, its me!!

Let me paint you a scenario……….

Company: ‘We are running behind target, whats going on?’

Managers: ‘The pipeline isn’t looking great’

Company: ‘Why not?’

Managers: ‘We don’t seem to be getting as many briefs as we used to.’

Company: ‘Well go out and get some then!!’

Managers: ‘But none of my team either know how to, or even want to!!’

Over the last 2 years we have been increasingly asked to help our clients fix this conundrum – ‘How do we get our people to push out more, to proactively pick up the phone and make business happen?’

During the design phase we firstly try and uncover the barriers to why this is happening, and they consistently fall into 3 camps:

  1. The perception that the team did not join the company, or even have any aspiration, to be a sales person.
  2. Clients don’t want us to hassle them
  3. The team has no idea what to say even if they did make the call

So how do we get over what, at first, seems to be an impossible set of obstacles. Amazingly it is relatively straight forward when you know the truth, and that is clients actually do want your call!!

But only if you have something relevant to say….

So the obvious next question is ‘what makes something relevant?’

Relevant for clients is one of 3 things:

  1. Show me you can help me with something I am either working on right now or about to work on in the very near future
  2. Remind me of something that I should be working on
  3. Tell me about something new that I might be missing out on

So before you pick up the phone make sure that you have something to say, a reason for calling the client right now. Then as Nike says – just do it – pick up the phone, make the call and see what exciting opportunities are out there for you to make your clients more successful.

So if you have something to say, if you have something that can genuinely help your clients be more successful right now, how dare you get in the way of picking up the phone and telling them all about it.

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