Every good client story needs a hero

You can often find me sat contemplating new money making ideas that are both relevant and scalable, and the other day it hit me that I had a fantastic one right under my nose. All I had to do was collect £1 off every person we train when they gave us a reason/excuse/perceived barrier on why their client relationships were not as good, or as commercially successful, as they wanted them to be.

So all I need to do is collect a £1 every time I hear:

  • ‘I just don’t click with my client’
  • ‘They won’t tell me that, they say it’s confidential’
  • ‘They say we are too expensive’
  • ‘They don’t give me enough time to do anything’
  • ‘They are always asking for more’

On a serious note, we hear these kind of things a lot, I mean really a lot, and the interesting thing is they have one thing in common. That is they presume that you are out of control of them and therefore you have to accept them.

Well, stop the press. We can connect with all our clients. In fact, it’s our responsibility to.Let’s forget about the skills we learn for a second, and focus on the foundation, i.e. ourselves. The latest research in neuroscience shows us that how we think, and therefore act, when we’re with clients is based on our experiences, and we can fundamentally change this thinking and put strategies in place for us to use ‘in the moment’ that we’re interacting with our clients.

What a breath of fresh air! The relationships we’ve always thought will be at arm’s length, or the presentations we stand up and do that we always feel nervous about, can be changed and it’s in our power to do so.

How? Well it’s about:

  • Fully being in the moment (which I talked about in a previous post)
  • Recognising your reactions and what they’re based on – real data? past experiences?
  • Working up strategies to respond differently
  • Practice practice practice!

We are now spending a great deal of time with our delegates helping them discover they have all the power they need to become the hero in their client relationship journey, and if you want to find out more please watch our video.

Here’s to all our client relationships taking off.

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