The information age is over; the individual age has already begun.

Technology drives almost everything right now, but where does it drive it to?  You want to buy a car?  Go to eBay.  You want to climb Everest? Learn on Youtube.  It’s all out there, and more and more of us know how to grab it.

As the tech gets more advanced, it’s moving more to the individual level.  All that information can be tailored by companies, even to the point where billboard adverts can target you as you walk past [hey Laura, fancy a Coke?].

What does that mean for us in the people development world?  I think we can answer that question with another – where is the demand for courses around mindfulness and neuroscience coming from?  Sure, they’re fairly new as approaches so that brings some interest, but for me the real attraction is that these mirror what’s happening in tech, and centre on the individual.

I’m all for it.  Although we train groups of delegates, the rise in popularity of mindfulness as a tool to be in the moment, the use of neuroscience to help us be the best at what we do and how we interact, are just two examples where people can genuinely take broader learnings and apply it very specifically to themselves.

We find ourselves in a world where there are so many outside influences from across the globe that it becomes difficult to hear our own voice, and most of the time that’s the right one to listen to.  Acting on that can sometimes take guts, and that’s where these approaches really shine in building the confidence to do so.

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